Responsive Website

We can completely design a website and code it to your liking. We will go through a couple of different ideas and outlines to assure a very nice and clean outcome. As the majority of people are mostly always using their phones, we also specialize in mobilized website's that is a simple, easier to navigate version of your website that will only pop up when someone is using a phone/tablet or small device. Take a look at some we have made on your phone below. Take a look at our clients below to see some of our work, including our own website. We can also manage and update your websites whenever you would like and by making sure things are online 24/7.

● The upkeep management service is included free for 6 months.

● Google Analytics is set up also for free that lets you track traffic and performance of your website

Plans Start Around $350. Contact us for a quote!

     E-Commerce Responsive Website Solutions

We can completely design a e-commerce online store to show case your products, that customers can buy directly off your website. From a clothing line to selling firearms, we've got you covered. With this you can be in complete control of your own online store, connect your products to major website like Google, Facebook, Bing, & even eBay, where when people search for an item like yours it will pop up and let them directly buy it. With everything becoming digital and most people doing shopping online now-a-days, this is one of the best things you can do for your business.

● The upkeep management service is included free for 6 months

● Google Analytics is set up also for free that lets you track traffic and performance of your website

Plans Start Around $400. Contact us for a quote!

     Program/App Development

We can code and design certain programs, scripts, and apps that you can be used for a variety of things that pertain to your website, products, and customers.

Plans Start Around $150. Contact us for a quote!

     Website Management

We can completely take care of your website and keep it updated for you whenever you would like, without you having to worry about doing your own editing. We will also improve things in anyway we can.

Included with any website package for 6 months. After the 6 months, it will be $30-150 a month depending. Small changes/improvements will be free.

     Search Engine Optimization & Local Search Optimization

We make sure your websites/services are popping up on every search engine, while also taking care of adding your business's to major search engines. This allows your business info to pop up when searched, so that your website will pop up and allow people to get info, directions, and also write reviews. This also includes adding your websites to all major local business searches and even more to assure you're website/services are out there.

Included With Website Packages or $40-100 a month. Contact us for a quote!

     Social Media Management

We can also take care of your social media accounts, by making things looks nice and keeping things updated to whatever you would like. We can also provide daily/weekly deals and connect your online store.

Included With Website Packages or $45 a month

     Social Media Marketing & Advertising

Social media is the largest platform used be the entire WORLD with almost the entire world connected. This makes it the best place to get your business/products known and advertised and we can take care of all of that for you. On the largest social media platforms, we can help you reach 100's of thousands of people and potential customers that will notice you and your product.

Plans Start At $100 A Month. Contact us for a quote!

     Multimedia Solutions

We can custom design posters, business cards, stickers, logos, & we can also use your own graphics to create some stunning pieces. We also specialize in video editing, where we can put all of your clips altogether and make it look nice and professional.

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Our Goal

To provide digital marketing, quality online website & business services, for a price that is actually reasonable.

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