Our Work

● All the work is done during regular business hours by Optic Digital professionals. Support through email, phone, and video chat are available during those times.

● The client shall not be charged for changes for their project within the contract period.

Terms & Conditions

● Client agrees to comply fully with Optic Digital and provide to us all necessary materials such as graphics, information, data, etc requested by Optic Digital.

● Clients agrees to pay with Cash/Check, PayPal, Debit/Credit Card, or Money Order.

‚Äč50% Non-Refundable Deposit is due upon acceptance of project and the remaining balance is due upon completion.

● If a client fails to provide all necessary materials within a reasonable amount of time, Optic Digital may terminate that certain contract and the client shall lose half of their deposit.

● The client agrees to pay in full to Optic Digital for goods and service within 14 days of completion. If the clients account is passed do after the 14 days, the client agrees to pay interest on the account not paid in full in the amount of 15% every two weeks. The 15% interest will be applied every two weeks UNTIL the unpaid balance is paid off.

● Contracts shall be in full affect for 3 months.

● Cancellation's will ONLY be available during the first 2 weeks, with a 40% cancellation fee.

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